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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


2 months, 2 weeks 2 days, that's what the counter at the top of the page says today. That's how long it's been since I held her. Only at the time, I didn't know why I was holding her, so I wasn't paying attention to the details, and now every day I have different questions! 

Some days I'm able to have some questions answered, like what size clothes she wears. (thanks to another adoptive family who just returned home with their newest family member!) or a new favorite toy, and I get other details in bits and pieces. 

If only I could have a do-over of those 15 minutes so I could soak up the information I didn't know I was going to want and need two months later! LOL But God  had a reason for that, I know! If my minutes had been spent looking at other details, I would have missed the most important ones! 

You see, in those minutes I got to spend with her, I was seeing HER, and the beauty of her spirit. I was able to see the glory that is her life, and wonder how anyone of us could walk away from her, knowing the future she faced, without doing whatever we could to find her a family. In those minutes, I vowed to get her out of there, to find her a family NO MATTER WHAT! God heard that promise, and he in turn kept his, and performed miracles here at home in Dean's heart. 

So, no more wishing for a "do over"! Instead I want another trip! LOL Wouldn't that be fun? To go spend time at the orphanage, just loving on the kids like I did last spring? Surely some money could fall out of the sky for that! LOL

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  1. So often when I read your posts I get goosebumps--did again this time as you described your focus on the importance of Ianna's spirit and value. You are an inspiration and I am thankful to have met you--praise God for Craigslist, huh? :)