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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Update on Axel

Axel is doing fantastic! I can't even begin to describe how amazing this child is.

That said, if you're not following my other blog then you may not know that Axel was diagnosed with AAI. He has already suffered damage to the space that contains the Cerebral Spinal Fluid, as well as to his spinal cord from too much movement between the vertabrae. He also has damage to the disk between c2 and c3.

Next week he and I are headed to Shriner's Children's Hospital in Philadelphia to meet with the surgeon who will be doing Axel's spinal fusion. Once the surgery is done Axel will then be in a halo for 6 months following surgery.

Axel can use all the prayers he can get! Because he already has damage to his spinal cord, he is at significant risk of catastrophic spinal cord injury. There is a button below that you're welcome to share by copying the code beneath it. All further updates about the surgery will be on my regular blog. Also, I am *trying* to get Angela contributing to her blog more (mostly via video) which is kinda fun to read.

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