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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Document gathering complete!

We have influenza raging in our household, All the sick people are doing nothing but laying on the couch sleeping (or talking deliriously in the case of Axel who thinks he's speaking English but he's NOT and we can't understand anything he's saying!)  Since nobody is moving very fast, and Asher and I are the only ones not sick, I took the opportunity to finally get the necessary documents we needed!

Today I:

Dropped off medical forms for the kids at pediatrician's office
Picked up medication for Axel
Stopped at the police station to request local background check
Went to doctor's office for my physical
Back to police station to pick up local background check
Went to BCA to pick up state background check
Stopped at work to pick up proof of employment
Went back to doctor's office to pick up medical statement
Back to Peds office to pick up kids' medical statements
Gathered all financial documents
Gathered asset documents

Guess what? DONE! All our document gathering is done.

My plan was to drop everything off at the Homestudy agency office on Friday, then our homestudy can be completed and I can get it in the mail to USCIS!


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