Join Angela, Axel, Abel and Asher as they welcome their new sibling home.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


His name is Axel.

I have now had custody of Axel for 32 days, and he has been home for 19 days.

Since he was never tested we have no idea how long his hearing has been bad. It could be his entire life, or only a few years. Whatever it is, I don't think he ever heard Serbian very well, and I don't know how well he recognized his name when he was there.

Today I found an old pair of Angela's hearing aids with a volume switch on them (most of the newer aids don't have them anymore) and old ear molds of Angela's that actually sit kind of decent in his ears. To give you an idea how small Axel's ears are, these were Angela's ear molds in 1st grade!!! Angela wore them with the volume at 1.5. For Axel I cranked the volume up to "3".

We sat on the couch, and I whispered his Serbian nickname "Djole" (not sure that's how it's spelled though.) and he didn't recognize it. I said it a little louder, in a normal tone of voice. He didn't turn or flinch or anything.  I used his full name "Djordje", and he didn't recognize that either. I turned on a video of some of my Serbian friends saying his name (since they say it correctly and I probably don't!) and he still didn't turn. There was nothing. No reaction.

Then I whispered it. His name. Axel. He turned and gave me a HUGE smile, then signed his name sign. Gave me his silly laugh and went back to what he was doing.

His name is Axel.

*note, Axel's birth certificate will still list Djordje as his middle name, so it's not completely gone.*


  1. Awww Leah <3 That literally gave me goose bumps. I just love it!!!!!

  2. What a wonderful boy. That just makes my heart sing.

  3. What a special story to read today :) Blessings, Jennifer

  4. Leah, that made me cry! Wonderful!

    mommy to Matthew and Michael

  5. I am so happy that he has you! Okay, now I'm crying and my thoughts are scattering... I am so happy that he connects with you, his new family, his new life, and that he see himself as part of that - including his name:) I am even more happy that you have been able to give him a way to communicate. A way for him to be able to identify himself to other people, a way for him to be able to express himself to other, a way for him to share his heart with others. The first time I ever saw his beautiful eyes, I knew that he was a very special little man. What I learned that he had a family, my heat sung. As I have followed the journey as you all becoming a family, I have been so touched, happy, and blessed to be able to share in your lives.