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Friday, December 31, 2010

Major error

Go back and read this post first. Pay particular attention to the paragraph JUST ABOVE where I'm signing the adoption decree.

Fast forward a couple of weeks when Axel and I came home. When the the US Embassy is finished completing the visa, they give you two things: a stack of original documents, and *the sealed envelope* that is the child's visa and is given to Immigration in your port of entry, which for us was Chicago. The originals were to go back to our facilitator, because some of them go back to the city where the adoption took place. (2 hours away.) There were some issues in the last couple of days, and I did not meet with our facilitator. Instead I was instructed where to drop the papers off.

A few days later when we were home, and I was filling out papers for Axel's health insurance, I realized I needed to give then a copy of the birth certificate (and possibly the adoption decree? Not sure on that one.) I realized that when I gave the Visa paperwork to Immigration, the only thing I got back was Axel's passport. I didn't have one single document stating that I had just adopted this child, and that he was mine. I only had a passport that listed his last name being the same as mine.

I called my adoption agency, and the agency staff person said, " got out of that country without ANY documents listing him as yours??? How did you do THAT?"

Umm...I have no clue.

The in-country attorney was contacted, and she put the documents in the mail to my adoption agency last week, who would then overnight them to me. They arrived to the agency yesterday.

And here is where the MAJOR error was found on the adoption decree. It was one that I caught at the time I was given the decree to read over, and I pointed it out. The person doing the paperwork turned back to the computer to fix it, then printed it out for me to sign.

I signed. We had the ceremony, and came home a few days later. I did not see the decree again after I signed it.

My adoption agency staff person got the decree and birth certificate yesterday, and found that major error was STILL on the papers, in TWO PLACES!

Honestly, I'm laughing only because that is all I can do at this point. The annoying part is I need these documents to get Axel's insurance in place, and we have a week FULL of appointments coming up!

I'm hoping that for now they could just fax me a copy of the decree for me to use for insurance purposes while we wait for it in the mail.'s already the middle of the night there on New Year's day. Lovely.

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