Join Angela, Axel, Abel and Asher as they welcome their new sibling home.

Monday, February 18, 2013


A couple years ago I was at the home of my good friend Ann. Hanging over her stairs was the most amazing charcoal depiction of an ASL (American Sign Language) sign, done by artist Kyle Marsh. I'd never seen a drawing in which you could see the movement of the sign. I loved it. And I wanted one. Only I wanted a different sign used, I just didn't know what and needed to think about it for several..umm....months!

That was until this past fall. We have an empty wall in our dining room that really needed...well it needed something. That's when I realized it needed a Kyle Marsh drawing!  The ASL sign depicted needed to be meaningful to our lives here, and it needed to be something that, when put to canvas, would fit the space.

I knew exactly what it would be.

I contacted Kyle and explained to him what I wanted, and why. ASL is an important part of our family. I was a sign language interpreter for many years before Angela came along, then came Axel and Asher  joined our family and both communicate using ASL. There is also "B" who is on our way to our family and I'm told is also non-verbal. ASL is is critical to our family

It's been very interesting to watch Kyle's process. Out of our conversations has come a one-of-a-kind rendition of my vision. Isn't it beautiful? I'm in love with it! 

4ft wide x 2 ft tall

If you're not familiar with ASL, this is the sign for "family" put to charcoal. Isn't it beautiful? It has just been completed and is going on our dining room wall. Later we'll be putting all of our family pictures around it!


  1. This is amazing! It's beautiful.

    I'm sure you have it but have you read the book The Handmade Alphabet? If you haven't, I think you'd like the art in it.

  2. This brought tears to my eyes!!! I absolutely LOVE IT!!! I want one! You see we adopted a little girl age 5 from China, 2 years ago. She is deaf, and has been since birth. She came to us with 0 language, and we came to her with just enough sign language skills to get by. We are learning together how to navigate this communication gap. HARD days, but rewarding ones too. Days that make us lean on God for wisdom we simply don't possess. PLEASE tell me where to get one! Thanks so much! Blessings on your day!