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Friday, January 17, 2014

Now what do we do?

Everything on this side, the US side of this adoption, is done.

There are no more papers to chase.

There are no forms to fill out.

We crammed two months of preparation into a handful of days.

Now we wait.

Our dossier is being translated as we speak. As soon as its done it will be hand delivered to the Serbian Adoption Unit. They will look it over to make sure no documents are missing, then send it on to J's social worker. Once the social worker gives her approval we are ready to travel. That would be about the 2nd week of February.

Except that we are not financially ready to travel that soon. We have $1700 left to raise here, (remember when we reach our goal I'll tell you her name) but the rest of the funds will be coming to us in Feb. As soon as we have them, its time to go!

Can you believe it? I can't.

Of course in the meantime there are other things to do! Clothes to gather, a bed to set up, toys to go through, etc. The kids will like helping me with all that!

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