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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Verification of timing

I just received an email from the Serbian ministry verifying that all non-hague adoptions must be completed by April 1st. That means I would need to be in-country by March 1st, at the very latest. 

We are sending this as circular letter to all who want to adopt from Serbia, prior to it’s official stepping into the circle of Hague accredited countries on 1st of April 2014. It is not for the sake of speeding up your procedures at home, but it is a kind of warning, just to be aware of changes, and to avoid possible “unpredictable difficulties” latter. All adoptions must be completed up to the March 31st ...
From April 1st, Serbia would be obliged to follow Hague-accredited countries adoption procedures.


  1. Oh BooHoo! I was so hoping to sneak in under the wire:(

  2. This is interesting. Hopscotch says that it's the only agency approved by Serbia for the new Hague adoptions, but I know of at least two other agencies saying they have a Serbia program now.

  3. Kimberly, any agency can say they have a Serbian program. The more important question is how many of them have applied and been approved to enter into a formal agreement with the Serbian MLSP? I know two other agencies also. Neither of them have completed an Serbian adoption. One agency *claims* to have completed one, but it was MINE and they did NOTHING for me other than require me to pay them $2000 to say they were working with me. Oh, and then they connected me to a corrupt facilitator. I compiled my own dossier and everything else. As always, one can contact the Serbian MLSP and ask them for a list of APPROVED agencies.