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Thursday, March 14, 2013


I had everything all figured out. Childcare, Dean's time off work, kids, and all the other things involved when the parents are leaving for three weeks. (well, Dean won't be gone that long.)

Today we were informed our ministry meeting has been changed. Now we're scrambling to re-arrange childcare and all the other arrangements we need to have in place.

I had PLANS for this trip, that centered around timing. There is another family who was going to be traveling at the same time, but yesterday they were informed they need to be there a week earlier, and us a week later.

I'm pretty disappointed. Having done this twice before and know it is NOT fun to be there by yourself the whole time! We will overlap a few days, but they will be busy with their final days of paper chasing  right when we're getting there.

HOWEVER, although I'm disappointed, I try to keep in mind that timing is everything, and everything happens for a reason. I have been stranded by volcanoes, had earthquakes just days before I was supposed to arrive in a city, and then there are root canals. There is a REASON we can't leave yet. Either something on this end or something on that side. We may or may not ever know what it was, but I'm not going to stress about it. I can't.

So...we leave in 29 days. That's just one more weekend to get everything done that needs doing around here.

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