Join Angela, Axel, Abel and Asher as they welcome their new sibling home.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

We're almost there!!!

Thanks to all of you who have so generously contributed, we have just $1000 left to raise!!! I have to tell you, our total goal ($3000) was the difference between weather or not Dean goes on this trip or stays home. We're still not *quite* there.

This trip is significant for many reasons. Of course, the most important is that we're brining B home!!! Oh, I can hardly stand the wait. Just 30 more days! But, it's more than that. It's really important for Dean to be part of this trip. To see B for that very first moment that only happens once in a lifetime. That first meeting is a bit like having your newborn baby placed in your hands as he or she takes that first breath. It will never happen again. Dean has never been part of this experience with our previous adoptions, and he NEEDS to be there for this one for this once-in-a-lifetime moment.

He also needs to see and experience where our children have come from. Where B is. What has influenced his development, or lack of it. Where do his behaviors come from. It is one thing to be told about it. To experience it for one's self is life altering.

But there is more....

Those who have been reading here for awhile know I'm a multi-tasker. Rarely do I just "go on a trip", even for adoption. Most of the time I have multiple agendas! (Dean is worried I'm going to have him exhausted. Mmmm could be!)

 First, we'll be meeting with Axel's birth family. I had the wonderful opportunity to meet with them during another trip. Dean has never met them and is anxious to hug the people who gave us the gift of our son. It is a rare opportunity for parents of an internationally adopted child to meet the birth family. To know the real story. We are so blessed! They want to be a voice for new parents of babies with Down syndrome so they, too can understand the blessings that come from raising these children. That they don't HAVE to go through the heartache of giving them up.

We have a couple other important meetings planned as well but they're not yet confirmed so my lips are sealed until we know for sure.

$1000. That is all that stands in the way. We are so very close. In another 10 -15 days we'll be purchasing airline tickets. So very, very close.

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