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Monday, July 26, 2010

Baby steps

Thursday and Friday last week was a flurry of emails and phone calls which caused my head to spin. Many of them happened while driving the 8 hours round trip to pick up Angela from camp, and I was trapped in the car and couldn't do much of anything to feel useful!

Thursday we were told by our contact in Ianna's country that we could submit our family profile for pre-approval to adopt. This does NOT mean that Ianna has been made legally available.

We've been stressing out a little bit about this. For reasons I won't go into here, (believe it or not, there are *some* things I do keep private! LOL) our family is a complicated one. We are a blended family, and hard to explain to another country, and another culture. But I got it all down in writing, complete with the required pictures to tell the story, and it was sent off to Ianna's country this morning.

Friday we decided on a homestudy agency. One who was quick to respond to our inquiry. This homestudy agency is by far the best that we have talked to, and their concern is for the child, and making sure they are not only getting things done correctly, but in a timely manner so that when the time comes her legal status changes, we are are ready to roll! By Friday evening I had email copies of forms downloaded (and completed!), and Saturday's snail mail brought fingerprint cards and a couple more forms to be filled out, including one that Angela has to sign. I think I'll make a video of that. LOL

This morning Dean and I sent Angela off to summer school, then we hopped our little selves in the car and headed to Bloomington and where we had our fingerprints done. Those, along with a check will be dropped off at the homestudy agency office tomorrow morning. (because I'm afraid to put the fingerprint cards in the mail! LOL)

So, that's the flurry of activity we had this weekend. Now we wait a couple of weeks until we hear back from the other side of the world.

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