Join Angela, Axel, Abel and Asher as they welcome their new sibling home.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A loss for words

Today there has been a flurry of emails going around the world about a certain little girl. The most recent email we received a few minutes ago has both Dean and I sitting here in tears. Tears for a little girl who will very likely be staying where she is. We will know for sure within the next week or so, but unless there is a miracle performed in the hearts of TWO KEY PEOPLE, the journey to bring her into our family is over.

Lord, only you know the hearts of these two people. You know what prompted their initial decision, and you know what motivates them now. Please Lord, let them see the possibilities for this child. Let them see there is hope for her here!

***** I just received one more email (1:00 a.m. there!) which contains a phone number of the person to call tomorrow morning. I think this is the last person who can help. I have no idea if this person speaks English or not. Please Lord, let me not have language barriers tomorrow!


  1. Dear Lord - please move this mountain. Our hearts cry out...

  2. I hope and pray that miracles will be happening and either you will get to bring her home (#1 preference) or if not, you will have a peaceful confirmation of why she is not coming home at this time. G-d is in charge, and he knows your great and wonderful desire. Sometimes these obstacles just turn into stepping stones, and I do pray it will be happening this time!

  3. I've been praying since you posted for the Lord to work his miracles in their hearts so that this little girl can come home.

  4. Praying Leah!!! I do not have access to internet much these days but I was checking on you. Definitely praying!