Join Angela, Axel, Abel and Asher as they welcome their new sibling home.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

There are rumblings!

Keep praying! Three months to the day since I met Ianna, and there are rumbings!

This morning I received two encouraging emails. I cannot wait until the day rolls around when I can fill in the blanks for you, and stop posting cryptic messages! I bet you can't wait either.

I'm sure you've seen this post of mine from my other blog a time or two. The pictures were taken from an investigation done by Mental Disability Rights International, and the video, the one you've all seen so often that I have posted here,(along pictures of a certain little girl! HINT HINT) which shows footage from that investigation. (by the way, conditions in that institution have not changed all that much since the investigation) If you can stomach it, you can also find the full written report of the investigation here. but I'll give you fair warning, it is not reading for the faint of heart. When you see the name "Kulina", know that it has significant meaning to our household. Thankfully Ianna is in a good place NOW!

Word has gotten where it needs to, and the powers that be are not happy that Ianna has been put at such risk...again.

Keep praying. Your prayers are being heard!


  1. PRAISE GOD! I was storming heaven yesterday and will continue to do so today!! Praying without ceasing!! I'm so glad we pray to a Living God!

  2. Oh my goodness.... I should never have looked at your link!! My dear little Aaron is in another country and is possibly in a place like Kulina and it just rips my heart out!! Next Thursday is not going to come soon enough. What will we see?? What will we find when we go get our boy??? We HAVE TO storm heaven for these kids!

  3. ...still praying, storming Heaven, for this little girl... with faith anything is possible, and prayers don't fall on empty ears.