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Monday, July 26, 2010

Can you help a family

My friend Julia and her husband Rob left for a country in Eastern Europe a couple weeks ago, to bring their new son Aaron home. Aaron is 6 years old and has arthorgriposis, (he has little to no use of of his arms, and uses his feet for everything) and had already spent a year in an institution in a tiny village in the rural country side. He had never had a visitor. Had never been loved on or hugged.

And along came this man, woman and boy who called themselves mamma, papa, and brother. (his other brother was coming a few days behind them, but Aaron hadn't had a chance to meet him yet.)

Aaron was just starting to warm up to this idea of someone CARING for him, and it was almost time for him to leave this place called an institution and go home to another country to his "family". But there was a glitch, something that couldn't be planned for, that has to be fixed. Now his mama, papa and brother had to leave him.

Julia and her husband Rob had to return home. This was an unexpected turn of events. You can read about it on their blog, but the reality is they now have to make an extra trip, which is going to cost $3,000. Most adoptive families don't have an extra $3,000 laying around when the adoption already cost several thousand dollars in the first place. They are going to need help going back to get him. If you go to their blog, on the right there is a "chip in" button. Every penny helps! Prayers help too.

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