Join Angela, Axel, Abel and Asher as they welcome their new sibling home.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

First things First

I normally have a list of specialists for us to see when we bring a new family member home. After our first few days together I start to prioritize the list.

The first thing Audrey will have done is a neck X-ray to rule out AAI.

She has something up with her hands and I suspect there is something going on with her neck that is causing it. Normally she uses her hands very well, pushing buttons on toys with her index finger, ect. Then today we arrived for our visit and she was holding her hands up near her shoulders (kind of like high guard) She refused to use them AT ALL. Finally when she was really motivated by a toy she attempted to pick it up using her wrists. She also used the back of her hands to turn her toy on instead of pushing the buttons. She even used her mouth to pick up food and didn't attempt to use her hands. Normally she self feeds.  I tried touching her hands she pulled them away as if they hurt. The foster family says this pops up randomly. She could be fine for several days then one morning wakes up, or sometimes suddenly in the middle of the day, is unable to use her hands at all.

Later in the day we were able to bring her back to our hotel. I had to keep her busy for several hours before returning her to the foster home. I decided to give her a bath knowing she likes to play with water. She still refused to use her hands, and would put her arm under the running water but not her hands. Then all of a sudden she did a weird neck movement then started using her hands like nothing was wrong.

I had the sickening feeling that if I hadn't had the water running I would have heard the awful noises in her neck that Axel's used to make.

I have very clear memories of Axel's spine surgeon checking the sensation in his feet and legs, but I don't remember him checking Axel's hands. The way Audrey was acting, like it was painful if I touched her hands, in addition to not being able to use them, makes me wonder if they're tingling. The fact that its happening on both sides simultaneously raises my alarm bells for AAI.

So thats our first priority when we get home.

Second is feeding therapy.


  1. Poor girl....So lucky her mama knows what she is looking for!

  2. Awh, poor thing :(! You once said you were told to buy a lottery ticket because you had a second one with DS and AAI...and now possibly a third?? I think it's definitely time to try your luck at the lotto Leah! ;)