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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Time in the Sun

I was the first to get sick, that was on Saturday the 8th.

By Sunday the 9th we were all really sick with high fevers.

On late Monday the 11th I was starting to feel a bit better, Audrey's cough was mostly gone (though her snotty nose still remains today) but Axel was really miserable with a sinus infection. He laid in bed most of the day, and Tuesday was much of the same.

Finally, on Wednesday, we were all on the mend. Although it was absolutely beautiful outside, Axel didn't quite have the energy for any adventures. But one thing about this place we're staying, it has two nice big balconies that gets full sun all day. I suggested to Axel that he take his Thomas the Train crew out there to play.

They had a marvelous time, and spent 3-4 hours out there soaking up the sunshine! Thank you God for a glorious way to recover from the crud.

Oh yes, Thomas came along, all the way to Serbia!

Getting in an out of this chair was as much fun as an amusement park! 

Thomas and Percy pulled with all their might. 

Audrey LOVED watching the cars zooming by on the fast street below. 
As each car would go by she would give a squeal of delight! 

Then turn and give me a big smile as if to say "Did you see that?" 

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