Join Angela, Axel, Abel and Asher as they welcome their new sibling home.

Saturday, March 22, 2014


When we arrived in Minneapolis we were the very last people off the plane. I figured Dean would wonder what happened to us so I plopped Audrey into a nearby wheelchair, handed Axel the roller bag and off we went! It wasn't very far so we were happy to be able to move around! When we got to the escalator I told Axel, "Papa is right down here Ax! He's right through those doors!"

Now, this the same door we go through every time we arrive at the airport. Every time! Imagine my surprise when we come through the doors and there is no Dean! Seriously? In my head we were going to have "that moment" coming through the doors and now it was gone. LOL Then I heard someone calling my name and realized my friend Nance and some of her kids were coming toward us with welcome home posters and balloons!

 It was so nice to see them! But…where was my family?? I called Dean "Where ARE you?"

This is us, wondering WHERE is our family???

They were waiting at the OTHER end of the terminal, by the door for international flights!

"Dean, I came from DC, I didn't come on an international flight. Have I *ever* come through that door?"

Dean and the kids, rushing to the other end of the terminal! LOL


I was trying really hard not to be irritated. I turned and noticed my bags on one of the carousels, so Nance helped me grab them. Suddenly I heard Axel behind me yell, "PAPA!!!!" The next thing I knew, Angela giving me the best hug ever!

These pictures are in no particular order but I'll put notes with them.

Angela hugged me long and hard, then a few minutes later hugged me again. Then she stood back, wiping her eyes, "Why am I crying???" she said. It was so sweet.

Abel wasn't really thrilled with the fact I was home. 

 Not sure who missed who more.

Finally, I handed Audrey over to meet her Papa for the first time! 

Angela asking "Why am I crying?" as she wipes her eyes again. She's so sweet. 

Angela and Axel had a very long conversation. Actually, I think Angela was telling him all that had happened while we were gone, and he was just being a good ear. I love how she leans down to talk to him, as if he is still much smaller than her. LOL

Our first family picture! 

Finally, all suitcases and kids accounted for, it was time for us to go HOME.

Thanks so much to my friends Nance and Becky for taking pictures for us at the airport! The kids loved the posters you made too!