Join Angela, Axel, Abel and Asher as they welcome their new sibling home.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ianna's Room

Last night Dean and I were discussing which of our two spare bedrooms will become Ianna's. The larger one serves as a guest room. We talked about giving Ianna that room, but it's a cold room in the winter time. Ianna has had too many years of being cold an unloved.  It's a pretty room, very simply decorated for guests, but as much as I love it, it doesn't feel right for Ianna. I can't picture her in there. 

The smaller bedroom is our office. There are two very large cherry desks in there that we used to use all the time when we had a desk top computer, but now that we have laptops, they have developed flat surface disease. (That's the disease where any flat surface collects paper and other junk. And it's contagious, once one flat surface is affected, the one closest to it will develop the disease as well!) There is also a book case with the same disease. Right now the room is filled with my side business stuff. This room happens to be the warmest room in the house. As we stood looking at the room last night, we agreed it feels more "right" to put Ianna in that room. It's cozy, without so much space as to be overwhelming for a little girl who's never had a space to call her own before. I can see her in there. I can picture her going to sleep at night in that room. 

So I have another task ahead of me, which is to clean out that office, including getting rid of the two desks. A few years ago these desks sat in a corner of our living room. I'd spent years wanting to move them since they seemed so out of place, but the desks are HUGE, with glass tops, and Dean wanted no part of moving them. One day a friend came over to help me with something, and before I knew something overtook us and we'd emptied those two desks and were moving them down the hallway. Since Dean didn't want  to do this, I needed to get it done before he came home! Once we got to the door of the bedroom we realized the desks were about 1/2 inch too wide to get in the door, no matter which end or side we tried to put in first! (you should have seen us trying to turn those desks every which way in the hallway!) Finally I took the entire door frame off the wall to slide the desks in. By the time Dean came home later that night I had both desks in the room and all set up for a nice office space, the door frame back on the wall, and the living room re-arranged. Have I mentioned how heavy these desks are? Clearly the house would have to burn down before I ever moved those desks again. 

Or we could adopt.

So if anyone in the area is looking, I have two desks for sale, but you'll have to bring someone to help move them!


  1. Leah, email me pictures of the desks...I might be able to use one!

  2. Not sure if you saw the movie, but this reminds me of a scene in "The Blind Side" when Michael Orr mentions that he never "had his own bed" before.....How exciting for your new little one to finally have a beautiful place to call her own. :)

  3. ummm yeah. flat surface disease. happens a lot. and wow more contagious than one can imagine. happens to us daily. eventually I get tired of it and clear it all. but it always creeps back in. I guess its only going to get worse before it gets better since we are adding 3 more people to this house which means 3 more people's worth of stuff!