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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Let the paperwork begin

This week I received the beginning of paperwork from the adoption agency, Reece's Rainbow, and the home study agency.

And I haven't started any of it.

Why? Because the country we're adopting from requires a pre-approval for adoption. In other words, we first have to apply, and make sure they will accept our request to adopt a child from their country before we bother doing any of the other work involved in actually going through with the adoption.

I have no idea how long this process takes, and that country is currently on a holiday with government offices closed, so we'll have to wait until sometime next week to hear.

And so we wait, and while waiting we're still purging and filling that dumpster, and planning what to do with Ianna's room. Interestingly, Angela, who hates all things girly, told me yesterday that Ianna should have a princess room. I'm not a huge princess fan. LOL I have this idea in my head that I'd like to show Ianna 3 or 4 pictures of girls rooms and let her pick what she likes. But that also seems very overwhelming for a little girl who's never had a room to herself, or a bed that hasn't been slept in my 100 other kids at some point or another.

Maybe I'll just pick a room for her? I dunno...I guess I have time to toss that around.

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