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Friday, May 21, 2010

Trying not to get frustrated

We're trying really hard not to get frustrated. I have to keep reminding myself that "not long at all" doesn't mean the same time frame here as it does in Ianna's country.

On April 7th I met Ianna for the first time. I was told if they could find a family for her "quickly" they could get her re-listed for adoption before she would be transferred. On April 13th I notified that person that we definitely wanted to adopt her. On MAY 11TH we were told they "would be calling" the person who needed to get the paperwork done. ("Would be" as in "haven't yet"!) But that they really are working on it. A couple days ago I heard again, just that "We're trying".  We can't even publicly commit to her on Reece's Rainbow or the adoption agency because she's not legally available for adoption. I can't even post pictures of her here, or give any other information until we can formally commit to her!

I have the feeling God will be using this adoption as yet another way to point out that I'm not exactly in charge of everything.  And, just to torture myself, I've added a counter at the top of the page. I can't believe it was a month and a half ago that we met for the first time. It feels like yesterday, and yet not.

Soon baby girl....soon.

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  1. PRAYING - ROB AND I ARE BOTH PRAYING! I'm feeling those feelings too... the wait is SO HARD. It makes us drop to our knees and cry out to the only one who can carry us. I so can't wait to see her in your arms again and I so can't wait for the day we meet Aaron for the first time. My heart is so heavy for those moments of pure joy! The weeping the night seems to take forever.