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Monday, May 10, 2010

No News Friday

There was no news on Friday. Most of Europe was on holiday last week and government offices were closed. I'd hoped I'd hear something today, but it's late in the evening there now, so today is out as well.

But all is good. There are steps that have to be taken, and we'd rather they're done right then rushed and have to re-do anything! There are two things we're waiting for now: The first is for Ianna to be re-listed as legal for adoption. I'm told this is pretty simple since she was already listed up until her birthday last month.  It expired because she was supposed to be transferred. The other step is we have to apply to the government there and get pre-approval to adopt. This saves people from doing the homestudy and all the other steps involved only to find out the government won't let them adopt!

There are a lot of steps to this adoption ladder, and we're just putting our foot on the very first rung. It will be a long climb, and sometimes the weather conditions might make it a little difficult to hang on, but we won't let go! Right now, early in the climb, we have tons of stamina and have our eyes on the peak, where a beautiful young lady waits for us!

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