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Friday, November 11, 2011

How to Induce Panic

If you've ever wondered how to make an expectant adoptive parent panic and/or sweat, here are some ideas:

1) With just four business days before the parent is to board a plane, tell them several of their documents  have *just* expired (last week) and they should bring new ones along. If you they are documents that took weeks to get the first time around, panic, sweating, and an increased heart rate will ensue.

2) Make sure some of those documents have to be signed by government agencies, who are all closed for a federal holiday.

3) If you are a medical provider who would need to sign the documents listed in item #2, now would be a good time to go on vacation.

4) Airline prices increase each day closer to flight time they are purchased, (or each minute depending upon the airline!) In order to purchase the child's ticket to the U.S. the adoptive parent needs the child's name. If you forget to give the child's name, you're sure to cause them some level of anxiety.

This is just part of adopting, and I'm sure if I read back to Axel's adoption there were moments here and there when it happened. There are a few adoptive parents reading here. What things sent YOU into a panic?


  1. Oh my Leah! Congrats on the QUICK travel date, but wow...I can definitely see how those things can induce panic! I can feel my "adoption stress" rise just thinking about it. LOL

    Let's see... for our first adoption, we were going to mail out our entire dossier on Monday. The previous Saturday I got my DH's employment letter back from the SoS in a different state where his company is located. Well, the notary (boss's secretary) was not a valid notary! Why Sos didn't call, I have no idea. So, my DH drove down to his company, got a new letter, drove to the state capital and mailed the whole thing out. About 16 hrs round trip and a stay overnight in a hotel...sigh. Yes, I'm married to an awesome man. We only ended up losing a day of time.

    For our second adoption, we were blessed to have our friend from UA staying with us for the weekend and he could hand carry our dossier back for us and deliver to our facilitator. But, of course we needed to have our dossier apostilled. The SoS office calls at 3pm on that Friday to say it's done. Yes, they close at 4:30 and we live 2+ hours away! So, my brilliant daughter had the idea of asking our next door neighbor's son going to college in Madison to go pick up the dossier for us. But, no, he's on field trip (they take those in college?!?) and won't be back in time before they closed. He calls a friend that rides his bike to the SoS office, and gets our dossier. I drive down later to pick it up and we were able to save $200+ in shipping costs. Yay! (But you can bet I was praying HARD while those college guys had my "baby"! LOL)

  2. Pretty much everything from start to finish :)