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Saturday, November 19, 2011

A story of two mice

Let me tell you a story of a two mice; a smart mouse who is very very smart and another who is no so smart at all.

One day a human noticed mouse droppings in the house and knew there was a mouse infestation that needed to be taken care of. The two mice were lurking in the shadows watching as the human put food out out in the open and walked away. The smart mouse knew it was a trap. He was suspicious about the person, and why food would be put out in the open. He didn't want to get caught. He knew where there was more food, safer food, so he left what was out in the open alone.

But the other mouse, the one who is not so smart, couldn't stand to wait. Even though the smart mouse warned him, the not so smart mouse just couldn't stand to leave that free food alone. He scurried out of the shadows to get the food.

Now, even the smart mouse would have taken the prize and run back to the shadows with it, but remember, this mouse is not so smart! He stood out in the open with his prize and gloated, "Look! See? I got it! I got the free food the human left!" He sat with his prize right in the open and ate it for all the others to see. The human stood and watched as the mouse slowly became sleepy, and eventually curled up in a ball right there. The mouse never woke up again.

Sometimes it is smart to leave the bait alone. Sometimes BLOGS have bait too, and stupid mice have taken the bait. The have made it obvious and those who are watching closely now know just how stupid they are. Sometimes PEOPLE you have trusted in the past have become the bait.

For those who have been concerned about my safety from stupid mice when I return to Serbia, let me assure you the Ministry, Embassy AND ORPHANAGE staff have watched the mouse take the bait. She has run into the open with it, allowing all of us to confirm we have an infestation. Now EVERYONE knows there are mice in the house. ( and sometimes mice forget there are IP addresses attached to computer, and that they show up on hits to blog sites along with the internet service provider, which are cross checked with emails to other people, all information that was turned over to police.)  Now, because the mouse is stupid, I have 24 hour protection when I'm in-country. The stupidity of the mouse was exactly what was needed to confirm I needed protection. 

To my friends and family, I am safe when I travel to Serbia. The Embassy, Ministry and local police department are all well aware of the threats that have been made. Because of all the problems that have been caused by this woman, the Ministry assures me I will be able to complete my adoption swiftly and that all services including translation (which is normally paid by the families) is being provided completely free of charge.

To the mouse, go ahead and run into the open with the bait again. We're waiting for you.


  1. Mousie, Mousie, Mousie . . .

    Leah, do still be careful lest the mousie send in the rats . . . ;-(

    Love you, my friend--God speed your time in Serbia and hide you under the Shadow of HIS WINGS.

  2. Good, good, be safe, and keep us updated. I can't believe you are going to be there in a few short days.

  3. That is great to hear that you will have protection and will complete this swiftly - and save a bit of money! Yay God!

    I know this isn't a laughing matter, but my 9 yo old is reading "Ralph S Mouse" by Beverly Cleary to me right now, and he is one SMART mouse. :-) Sorry, I had to smile when I read your mouse analogy!