Join Angela, Axel, Abel and Asher as they welcome their new sibling home.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Today when I went to visit Asher, although it's a little cold and damp, a nurse who only spoke Serbian (and didn't say a word) came into the playroom with a coat and hat. I guess that was my cue to take Asher outside. As I zipped him up I slipped my phone into my back pocket. ;-)

Oh, this boy was excited to go out! He LOVES the death-trap elevator. Anything that vibrates goes to the side of his face and ear, including the wall of the elevator. He leans against it with his check and laughs his grunty laugh when he feels it.

For the first time I was able to see how he manages steps. You may remember how Axel had such a tough time with steps since he'd never seen them before. Fortunately Asher does well holding the railing and one hand, though he has such low muscle tone that he's very wobbly. He reminds me of one of these toys:

When we got out the doors and were walking to the playground I noticed the social worker watching us out the window so no pictures for us! Then all of a sudden a bus full of do-gooders from a local church pulled up and people started piling off the bus carrying boxes of donated items such as fruit and clothing. The social worker went to deal with them so I had my chance!

First we went over to the swings. He really likes the swing and and he obviously has experienced it many times before. (unlike Axel who had never seen one before April of this year!) While I was pushing him I noticed some bushes with another small play area behind it.
(photo removed until adoption is final)

To give you an idea of his size, this ride-on toy is a typical first-timer's ride on, so sized for an 18-24 month old. (He was not thrilled and trying to get off it in this picture.)

A toddler-sized playhouse. He is the tiniest 7 year old I've ever met! LOL

We continue to work on his tongue. Now all I have to do is say "ne ne ne" and he pulls it right in. His caregivers are also prompting him, and I showed them things they can do to help the other kids with their tongues. Today he went to the magic toy bag and the first thing he pulled out was the toothbrush which he promptly put against his face. He knows what needs to be pushed to make it go but doesn't have the muscle strength to do it. He also wants to put it in his ear because..well..he LOVES vibrations on/in his hears! LOL When I took these pictures I was more concerned with getting him in the lens while watching my back than I was telling him to pull his tongue in.

Later in the day when I came for my afternoon visit he was laying on the floor chilling out (read bored out of  his mind and stimming with a thread from his shirt.) As soon as he saw me he hopped up and ran for a hug. He just wanted a quick one though because he squirmed to get down then promptly grabbed my finger and pulled me over to the elevator and pointed out the button that makes it go. LOL So we took a ride downstairs and he headed straight for the steps and the door to outside. He knows what he wants, but doesn't usually get too upset when he doesn't get his way. The only times he's gotten mad are when he has a stimmy object that I want to take away without having something better to trade. I will be clearing our rented apartment of all dangly items before I spring him from the orphanage. LOL I have a really fun dangly thing along with me that Axel loves, but Axel is not a dangler, he just likes all the different objects on it. Asher gets lost in the dangling and doesn't engage in the rest of the world if he has something, so I'll reserve this toy for those times when I need him quiet and the very long flight home!

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