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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

To Do List and Postponing

Well, because of Axel's neck issues and trying to get a CT scan squeezed in, it looks like I won't be able to leave until next week. Dean only has a few vacation days and we want him to be able to take a couple days off to make a long weekend when we get  home. We're trying to get Axel's CT scan scheduled for Friday, then I'll fly out on Tuesday or Weds (whichever has better prices) and have my ministry meeting on Friday next week.

My emotions are ALL OVER the place! I'm bummed that I can't leave this week. I so hate waiting. LOL I'm also really worried about Axel and what is going on with his neck and what the possibilities mean. If the screws holding the vertebrae together have come loose, he will need surgery to have them removed. It is very rare this happens, but if you've been reading any of my three (or 4? ...wait there are 5) blogs for awhile, you know that "rare" is pretty normal around here. Our house is like Central Park full of zebras.

I'm always one to find the good in all things. The good in this is I have more time to get things in order around here. I've been trying to find a bed for L. on craigslist. I've got my eyes on a couple matching beds which would be great since the two boys are going to share a room. But I know L won't care what his bed looks like. Whatever bed he has will be HIS bed, with HIS bedding, and HIS OWN pillow. I'm so excited to show him a life where he has things to call his own, including a Mama and Papa!

There is packing to be done, busy toys to find for a little boy, clothing to purchase in the right size, which I still don't know! I found some great cups, utensils and suction-bottom bowls for a little boy who hasn't yet learned to feed himself. Pullups, and wipes (for just in case), tiny bathtub toys, makers and paper.

Have I mentioned we're also starting a kitchen remodel? Thankfully it's not torn up yet, but I suspect by the time I get back that may have started. Chaos....a good word to describe where my inner thoughts are right now. But it's good chaos, exciting chaos. The type of energy that keeps my adrenaline flowing!

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