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Thursday, August 26, 2010

About Spiritual Attacks

My friend Kelly, who lurks around here (Hi Kelly! Glad to you're still around! Of course I remember you, silly!) sent me a link to this AWESOME post about coming under spiritual attack when you're in the midst of adoption. Give it a read. I bet you'll find it interesting.

I have no doubt we're under attack. I've been waiting for it to happen, actually. Other than waiting for Ianna to be released for international adoption, things have fallen into place too easy. Do you know what that tells me? Other things are ramping up to start moving! I bet we're going to hear some news soon! If we weren't why would Satan be so concerned about what we're preparing for? If there wasn't a child to bring home, Satan would take his busy work elsewhere.

Well Satan, let me tell you something. The blood of Christ washes over this ENTIRE house, and everyone in it. It even washes over those INTENDED to be in it! Nothing you do can dissuade us from adopting. WE ARE. Every single one of our documents have been prayed over and blessed, every step taken thus far has been taken with Christ holding our hand, HE HASN'T LET GO and HE ISN'T LETTING GO!  You tried to knock us down with the car, but you're not so smart! God gave us a safety net that we have kept locked a way for such a day as this. SO NA NA NA NA BOO BOO ON YOU!

And they all said, "Amen!"


  1. Amen!! We too have been on the attack list :( with more than one car to mention, uggghhh. I have been very frustrated because as soon as it all started happening, I "knew" why. I knew that all of those things snow balling down on me were from the enemy. But I'm like you Leah... I'm not giving up that easy satan!!