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Tuesday, August 17, 2010


That's what this adoption is...slow. Holy cow! Even our background study was slow. And yet there is this reality that I have to bring myself back to. It hasn't been that slow! Even though we filled out a preliminary application with the adoption agency in May, we didn't actually start the very first steps of the homestudy process until July 26th.

For those who have already adopted, how long did your background studies take to come back? Ours just came back on Friday. (August 13th)

Our homestudy agency sent me book-full of stuff to start taking care of last week. It's daunting! Some of it I had already started thankfully, but the vast majority I have left to tackle. I'm going to take a couple days here to breathe for the first time in a month, and then I'm tackling this stuff full force! I want this homestudy DONE so when we get word that Ianna is ready, WE are ready! Still, looking at what is left to complete, gather, and compile, it will be the first week of September at least before our homestudy is done. There's just no way it will be done before that.

I went to school with a guy who is a professor of physics. He is a genius among geniuses. I bet he could design a cloning machine for me. (I bet he already has one in his basement, or his attic or something!) I have his number here somewhere.....

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  1. Our US background checks took 3 and a half months. The Israeli background checks... started paperwork on a Wednesday, picked up the end of it on a sunday (Friday and Saturday is the weekend). Everyone expected it to be the other way around.

    The longest part in the whole process was doing the US paperwork for us. It took forever.