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Friday, August 13, 2010

Messengers from God

In the past week, THREE people have told me they've had dreams about Ianna. One has commented here, one sent me an email, and one told me in in a conversation.

One of those people has met, and spent time with Ianna while in the process of their own adoption. The dream that she shared with me tonight had me not only in tears, but gasping for breath. Here is what my friend Cara shared with me:

I had a dream about your little lady the other night....
We (Doug and I) were at the orphanage. We were outside on the bench in the
play yard and your little lady was out there.

 She kept smiling at me and kept looking at her pocket.

She was wearing her pink jumper that I remember her wearing last summer.

Someone must have put something in her pocket but because of her fingers,
she couldn't pull it out herself.

I "asked" her ( with my limited Serbian and some sign) if I could help her
get it out.

She was very must have been something very special....

After some coaxing, she let me pull it out of her pocket. It was a picture
of your family....

She took it from my hands and placed the picture against her cheek and
smiled a big smile.

She pointed (with her entire hand, with her beautifully formed/fused finger)
at Mila who was sitting on my lap,

and then hugged the picture again.

It was like she understood that she had soemone to love her too, and she was

It was such a vivid dream....such a sweet dream

Literally, God took my breath away as I read the description of this dream. He put us there with Ianna. He told me, with this message, that he is there with her, that he has made her know in some special way there is love waiting for her, she just needs to hang on a little bit longer. Even though it was in the dream of another person, He made sure it was in the mind of someone who would repeat it to me.

God is so cool!


  1. See - Angela's Angels are working hard to reassure you that ALL IS WELL!

    We had someone share a dream with us about Aaron a few months ago that I will never forget. He was standing at the door of the orphanage, waiting for us to come get him, holding a little suitcase. When we pulled up, he ran to the car and got right now. No looking back.

    Our little ones' prayers for a family are being heard and answered by the Father of orphans!!

  2. All I have to say is....TEARS! The love that is expressed for your little girl is so heart warming!! You know I am praying!!!!!! :)