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Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Look over there...on the left side of the blog. See the picture of Aaron? Here, I'll put another one up.

Aaron is just 6 years old, and was already transferred to a mental institution in a very remote area of Ukraine. He has Arthrogryposis, which leaves him with little/no use of his arms (though he has developed amazing use of his feet as hands!) 

Aaron had no idea that there was a family-Parents Rob and Julia and their sons- who wanted him, and had spent months scraping the pennies together to travel half way around the world to get him. Then one day, they showed up in his little world! At first he wasn't sure he wanted anything to do with these people who didn't speak his language. After all, he'd never had visitors before, so he didn't quite know what to think. No child has EVER been adopted out of his institution, so he didn't understand the importance of these visitors. He didn't (and still doesn't) understand what it means to have a momma and a papa. 

But then there was a problem with the court (the judge got sick!) and Rob and Julia were told to go home - without Aaron- until things could be figured out. They were heart broken! They never expected to have to go home without Aaron! By this time, Aaron was warming up to the idea that he would have a family. Not only that, but their finances were not budgeted for TWO TRIPS! This was NOT in the plan! That is a HUGE additional expense! 

And so they went home to sit and wait for who-knows-how-long until the attorneys and judges could figure out what to do. Finally the long-waited email arrived! Court is scheduled for August 26th! They leave in just a few days. They'll have to have two different court dates while there (because of the glitch the first time!) so will probably be stuck there 3-5 weeks. That is a long time to spend in-country. They've had to make MANY sacrifices to make this second trip happen, and I know that these last few days are being spent SCRAPING together the last few dollars. 

If you feel like donating $5, $10 or even on the button below. If all you feel like doing for them is praying for their trip, well that certainly helps too! 

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