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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Praying for George

Meet George.

George is 10 and has Down syndrome.

In April, when I was in Serbia, I climbed in a car, and was driven by a crazy driver along a remote country highway over the mountains at breakneck speed around tractors, passing on hills, etc, to a village a few hours away to meet this little boy!

George's life has been one none of us would want. His first two years were wonderful, living with his birth family until they felt they couldn't help him any more, nor deal with the social stigma of having him with them. He was moved the Subotica institution, then Kulina, then after the MDRI investigation into Serbian institutions he was moved to foster care at 8 year old. This guy George is a HOOT! He's very smart, and thought these strangers who acted like aliens from another planet were pretty fun. And he was like a movie star with his own paparazzi the way we kept snapping his picture! But his foster family, for reasons I'm not able to discuss at the moment, are not able to continue to foster him.

In that country, if a child with a disability hasn't been adopted by age 10 they are often sent back to an institution and forgotten about. We were asked to help find a family for George before a bed in the institution is found for him.

We haven't forgotten about George. --------->wink

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  1. Does this mean you may be adopting more than one child?? If so, I am so happy for George (and you).