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Monday, August 2, 2010

August is here!

Yep, August is here, and I've been reminded by a flurry of emails today. LOL No, we don't know anything. But you know what they say, (whoever "they" happens to be!) "No news is good news!" We're ok with that, because we feel like we're doing something.

Our background study is in process, our homestudy is in the works, my passport, marriage and divorce documents are back in my hands, along with a paper that says "confirmation of expedition" which means my birth certificate is on it's way! The painting of the house is nearly completed thanks to my amazing Dean (and some help from Tyler!) It just feels like things are definitely NOT at a standstill around here!

So, we're all good for now. God's time, whatever that may be. (remind me of that in a couple of weeks when I come back here whining, will ya?)

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