Join Angela, Axel, Abel and Asher as they welcome their new sibling home.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


A whole lot of nothing, that's what we're hearing, and that's what I'm getting done. August is done, and our homestudy is not. I am discouraged and frustrated. Our homestudy should be done by now. We haven't even had our first visit yet! (To be honest though, I don't have all my documents together yet. I have two more to get, but I can't take Angela along with me to get those, so I've just decided to wait until next week when she starts school when I won't be pressed for time.) I haven't heard anything from the other side of the world in weeks and weeks. The ticker up there is going to roll over to the 5 months mark pretty soon.


This is where everyone reminds me there is a reason for everything, timing is everything, and all of those things. I keep reminding myself of that too.


  1. Hi Leah, I have this page printed and hung up at my desk at work. I looked at it and thought of you today. It can me found at this link: It's so hard for us humans to accept that God answers our prayers with WAIT sometimes. He's listening and he knows the desires of your heart.
    Love, Kelley

  2. Tammy, we will just have to keep pushing each other along. Kelley, thanks for posting that! I love it! And you're right, sometimes there is a reason for WAITING, and yesterday I found out the reason for the wait! There was a piece that was missing that our homestudy discovered yesterday they could work around a different way until it arrived! WOOT WOOT!