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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sometimes I have to be slapped in the face

Sometimes that's what it takes for me to wake up and take a look around at reality. Does that ever happen to you? Maybe I was just so wrapped up in the goings on with whelping new puppies that I couldn't see what was happened, or rather, what wasn't happening around here!

And here I was, whining that nothing was happening with the homestudy and other stuff.

Of course nothing was happening! Why in the world would God be moving anything forward when I wasn't getting my own pieces done? Because even though I only have two tiny pieces left to do, the fact is, I still needed to do them, and I was putting them off without any good reason other than I didn't want to drag Angela along to do them. That would be an inconvenience...GASP! Well, there is also the fact I don't have a car of my own to use at the moment. I do have my in-law's car here, but I promised not to use it unless I *have* to. Monday or Tuesday I'll have a care again. THANK YOU GOD!

So this morning I was on the phone with the homestudy agency. I've been trying to get in touch with them for a few days, and we kept missing each other. Remember yesterday when I said, "This is where you remind me everything happens for a reason."? WELL IT DOES!!!! Together we decided to do a couple of steps out of order while we wait for something to come back. I'm going to go ahead and get our I600A filed (that's fingerprints) and the social worker from the homestudy agency is discussing something with the USCIS or something like that (I get all those agencies confused!) and then they'll be here for their first homestudy visit. Dean and I will be attending our homestudy training class thingy on the 13th, so we are ROLLING!

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