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Saturday, September 18, 2010

God can do ANYTHING, right?

I know God can do anything. ANYTHING.


There is an entire book full of miracles that He performed, and I, personally, have witnessed miracles he has performed in my life, and in the lives of my friends and family members. I'm sure you have probably witnessed many as well.

There are 15 weeks left in 2010. We expect to have our homestudy report in our hand by the end of next week, and can then send it off to USCIS for approval.

We're under a time crunch. If we can complete one adoption before the end of 2010, as in...get one child's feet onto U.S soil by midnight on December 31st, we should have the funds to complete a second adoption next spring. It will take noting less than a miracle for one adoption to be completed by the end of the year. NOTHING LESS!

We believe in miracles! Do you? What kind of miracles will God pull off in our family this year?


  1. G-d does perform miracles, mostly through other people. The 15 weeks is not impossible at all. I pray that you will have one of your children with you before Christmas!

  2. You will all be in my prayers! Yes, it will all happen in His time. There is a reason for all the waiting, and you might have to wait a LONG time to figure it out. For me, waiting was the hardest part- until I drank too much tap water!;)

    Sending His angels!

    P.S. If you have time (ha!) you might enjoy reading some of these stories:

  3. Praying Leah! And one more thing, you were there for me December 31st as we got home with our sweet Nina, you better believe I will do whatever I can to be there for you!

  4. Leah,....a 2nd adoption? I'm waiting and praying for a miracle!Maybe when the counter says 6months?