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Monday, September 27, 2010

A tiny piece of news

As in weeks past, this week will mark yet another decision for Ianna. When I got the email I freaked out a teeny, eensy, weensie bit.

My dear friend Kaci helped bring me back to earth a bit when I was getting worked up and scared. I thank God every day for good and wise friends who know how to talk me down from scary places! Kaci and her husband, along with a few other new friends of mine,  have walked this road before us, in the same country. God is so good to connect me with these people who have both feet firmly planted in his word AND have adopted and understand the hysteria that sometimes comes with the territory.

So I will hold fast to what God did way back in April when the miracle that is Ianna appeared in our lives. Maybe tomorrow when I have time I'll tell you some things about me you may not know!

In the meantime, this week is yet another week of prayer for Ianna. That God's plan for her is put into motion, whatever that may be.

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