Join Angela, Axel, Abel and Asher as they welcome their new sibling home.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Home visit

Tomorrow is our home visit! If you've been reading my facebook status updates, you know I'm feeling a little stressed out lately.  What is the social worker going to look at? (Please tell me she's not going to look in the laundry room.)

I know she is going to want to see Ianna's bedroom. And that we have smoke/CO detectors. What else?

Have I mentioned I have a litter of puppies here? Have I mentioned how much a litter of puppies happens to smell? Thankfully this visit isn't happening a month from now because the smell only gets worse from here! And thankfully there are only 5 puppies and not 13 like we've had in previous litters! I think I'm gonna go buy a frozen apple pie to put in the oven at...oh....say...4:00 so the house is smelling good and yummy! (thanks to my sisters for that suggestion! Here I thought she meant to bake one from scratch! Silly me! HA!)

 For now, I'm going to go soak in the tub with a book and FORCE myself to go to bed early tonight. I've been staying up late too many nights in a row,  then my nights have been interrupted, so I've been struggling to stay motivated during they day. Lots to do tomorrow. Goodnight!

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