Join Angela, Axel, Abel and Asher as they welcome their new sibling home.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Today I put our I600A in an overnight envelope to Lewisville, Texas, to request an appointment to get fingerprinted by the Department of Immigration or something. I dunno. Someone is gonna fingerprint us again only this time it's "fer real". LOL The first time is just for the criminal background check, which is why we only pay $25. But this time it is the read deal, and costs $670, plus $80 for each person over 18 who lives in the house.

Now, usually you don't make this request until your homestudy is complete, but ours is waiting on one piece of paper. (ok, three, but who's counting?) before our first visit, and a class we have to go to on the 13th. Then about the time the homestudy is done, the USCIS (the place we sent that check and numbered form to) will send us a fancy ticket. That ticket is an appointment date for the immigration office in St. Paul where we can get our fingerprints done. Then those fingerprints are sent, along with our completed homestudy, BACK to...umm....Texas or something. Total time for all of this is about 3 weeks, give or take 6 months.

By the time these things are done, we will have heard SOMETHING about Ianna. Right now all I get from the other side of the world is silence.

Just silence.

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