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Thursday, October 21, 2010

100% GRANT

"This little angel can just light up a room with her smile and her giggle. She is constantly happy, very alert and playful, and is an orphanage favorite. We are waiting for some new photos of her, but she is registered and available to be adopted now! She has had surgery for her spinal hernia (not spina bifida), but it was unsuccessful in her country. She is not able to pull up or stand/walk on her own. We hope she would have much better chances of correction here in the US, but we will not have any x-rays or other records available prior to your trip to share with a doctor for review. She has decompensated hydrocephaly as well. "

Is this your child???? She has a FULL GRANT! $23,000!!! Her family is out there, looking at her picture RIGHT NOW, and your heart is stirring!! Look, $23,000 has been raised for this child, for you to complete her adoption. Please listen to God's calling. This child is going to be transferred VERY SOON. If this is your child, please contact Andrea at Reece's Rainbow for more information.


  1. This is sick. Why are children being advertised like puppies? So so sad.

  2. Thanks for commenting on my blog. What you may not understand about the grants, is they allow families to consider adopting who might not otherwise consider it because it is a huge financial undertaking. Not everyone has $20,000 sitting around to complete an international adoption. Several hundred families within the Reece's Rainbow community spent several weeks fundraising to put together the grant for this child to help her find a family. Yes, it is sad that adoption is so expensive. Most of the fees are paid right here on the US side of the adoption!!! If this child does not find a family soon she will be transferred. Do you know what that means for a child with disabilities in Eastern Europe? I recommend you read The Boy From Baby House 10, just published in 2009. Check out the reports from MDRI from 2007 in Serbia. While the Kulina institution has changed SOME, it is still very much open, as are all the others. These are the children Reece's Rainbow is fighting for. We're trying to save their lives.