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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Meet Anne Marie

This is Anne Marie.

It is because of children like her that  I went to Eastern Europe last spring, and the reason Dean and I have begged to and pleaded for Ianna for the past 6 months. She is the reason we continue to plead the case for other children who are at risk of being transferred to the institutions of Eastern Europe.

Today the community of Reece's Rainbow is saddened to learn that Anne Marie, a child who was waiting for a family, has passed away in the orphanage. She was alone. She never knew the love of a family. She did not die in the loving arms of a mother or a father. But she is now in the loving arms of THE Father. Never again will she know hunger, cold, fear or loneliness.

These children are REAL, and they are fighting REAL battles! The families who are fighting for them are REAL families who are fighting against the clock to get them out before they loose that battle! As you see me advocate for these families here, know that I am not trying to be dramatic just to help them drum up some money. This is VERY REAL! I saw, with my own eyes, children who were stick thin. Children who were in "good" facilities, who still were not getting all the care they need, weather it be medical, nutritional, or the fact that HELLO! They are living in an ORPHANAGE and not in a FAMILY! Some of the children are living in "good" places but face the very real risk of being transferred any day to much worse conditions.

When you came to my blog, you probably thought you were just going to follow along on our journey. How many of you have learned about a part of the world you never knew existed? How many of you wished you didn't know? Believe me, these children wish they didn't know this side of reality too! Please don't turn your back on them. Even if you are never in the position to adopt, can you help a family who is? Some of you may be thinking, "Are we? Are WE in a position to adopt?" Dean will tell you that a year ago, he did not think we were. In fact, six months ago he did not think we were. Maybe you have some questions for him about what changed his mind?


  1. My heart breaks. I had e-mailed a couple of times with a family that was considering adopting her :(

  2. Wow, so incredibly heartbreaking.

    Leah: I have been praying for a little boy in EE who has AS like your Ianna. I feel from the very deepest parts of my heart that he is our son, but my husband doesn't feel the same. I've shown him many of your posts in hopes of opening his eyes.

    Dean: How did you know you & Leah were Ianna's forever mom & dad? Did it come on slowly, or hit you suddenly? Did family or friends have any influence on your decision?