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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Another room to clean out

We are reclaiming our office as a bedroom. I know I posted about this months ago, but really...we're doing it this time! We ended up deciding to get the larger of the two spare bedrooms ready for Ianna and leave the office alone. But, really don't NEED this office space, and we certainly don't need these two large desks. All they do is collect papers that should have been thrown away in the first place and office supplies that could be condensed into a much smaller space. I have them listed on craigslist, so if you're in the area, and looking for an executive desk, I happen to have two of them for sale CHEAP!

 The side cabinets on the larger desk are file drawers. The surface of this desk is LARGE at 3x6 ft! Both desks have glass tops.

This smaller desk is a computer desk. In the center cabinet is a slide-out keyboard tray, and a larger slide-out shelf for a printer or office supplies, or whatever else you want to hide in there.
Once these desks are gone, we'll have one empty bedroom. Then there is painting to be done, and a bed to find. (anyone have a maple or oak twin bed? Just the frame/headboard.) Once that's done, whoever will we put in here? 

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  1. How much are you offering these tables? and what ’s the address/or phone