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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Will today be the day? Will I get to share any news with you? AND JUST WHAT WILL THAT NEWS BE????? It could be bad and leave me in tears and hiding for 3 days, or it could be good and have me hollering from the rooftops!  I honestly do not know, but I'm waiting on pins and needs to find out. It could be today...or it could be tomorrow. UGH!!!!! My hair is turning WHITE I tell ya!


  1. I hope and pray that it is good news!!!!

  2. I am so impatient!!! Praying the news is good and it comes today.

  3. Leah, even though I don't post a comment daily, know that I am almost literally holding my breath and praying and believing for good news. It's bed time for me now, so I hope to see a update when I wake up !