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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Father's Heart

I've never done this before but I think it is about time I do. People ask me why are you adopting and what made you want to adopt, now. Well, I told Leah,what ever you do when you go to Eastern Europe, don't fall in love with any children over there because I'm not to far from retiring and I like to play and do things like golf, fish, ride motorcycles and putz around the house.

It wasn't until I saw my Love (Leah) with those children interacting and playing and seeing the smiles that came from those children just from a single touch that had changed my heart. I suddenly got a feeling in my heart that told me, you know what Dean, I know we could give one or more of those children the love that I think every child should have. ( A person will never run out of love from the heart.)

In one picture that Leah sent to me melted my heart, so I started asking questions about this little girl, in my heart I knew it really didn't matter what was wrong with her. I found out a lot about her syndrome and contacted a couple families who had children with the same thing and asked questions, knowing it really didn't matter.

I will tell you, I prayed a whole lot before I talked to Leah again, and the feelings that filled my heart and body were totally awesome. So, I have to say that if anyone reading this is contemplating adopting just ask and pray if this is what I/we should be doing. You will know what the answer is in just a split second, and if you don't feel it is just right for you now, don't stop praying about it. I know not all prayers are answered in a spilt second like mine was, but don't stop praying.

At the moment, we can not go and get that lovely little girl because of things that have to be worked out, but I know, in my heart and what I was told from my prayers that she will be home soon with Leah and myself. (But our families know that Leah and I are always full of surprises.) I think that anyone who has an empty bedroom or a place at your table should really open your heart (remember,you can never give to much love) and think about all of Gods children who only need and want a Mom and Dad to hold them and tuck them in at night.

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  1. Oh my word...tears are streaming down my face! Hearing a man's opinion on adoption happens so rarely that when it heart is always touched! Thank you for being willing to open your heart and share your thoughts!