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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Post Placement Support

My friend Abby, a dog trainer friend of mine, who also just happens to be a two-time adoptive mom, sent me this awesome blog post today! THANKS ABBY! Go read What Every Foster/Adoptive Family Needs Post-Placement. 

Anyway, it's about post placement support for the adoptive family. In other words, what kinds of things can you do to be supportive of an adoptive family? Bringing home a newly adopted child turns a family upside down, changes the family dynamics in a big way, and takes a LOT of adjustment for everyone in the house.

Think back to when you brought home each of your new babies, and how difficult it was to figure out how to work that baby into the workings of the house. It didn't just happen. It took a few weeks to fall into some kind of schedule, to find your "normal" again. Bringing home an adopted child is the same way, only now the parents and children (all of them, both biological and adopted) are struggling to form a bond with each other. It takes TIME, all of which must happen around the rest of life.

Anyway, I thought it was an excellent blog post, and wanted to link it here.

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  1. Great link!

    I might add what has burdened my heart lately...that we as adopted parents need to RALLY around other adoptive/adopting parents when they need support (if we can't support eachother, can we really expect non-adopting families to do so?), ESPECIALLY ones adopting for the first time. When another family "joins the club", we as fellow adoptive parents need to be all over supporting them in every way possible. Many of us often profess we wish "more people would do this", but then we leave newbie adopting parents out in the cold as they try to navigate this crazy new world.

    Why do I feel so "soapbox-ish" tonight. I don't know!!! :) Blessings, Jennifer