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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

HOUSTON! We have communication!!!!!

We have communication from the other side of the world!!!! What does it say? HA!!!! It says, (Paraphrasing here) "We haven't had time to go through everything yet, but please send those fancy, golden stickerfied documents you spent big bucks for last week, and while you're doing that, please wire transfer another $1,000 so we can translate said documents from English to ? so that our high ranking officials can read them."

Sounds like one of those 417 schemes, doesn't it? ROFL Scary, I know! But I assure you, this is very real, and this is just how things are done!

Now, I'm just waiting for one final approval so that I can tell you what in the world this is all about!


  1. You are killing us here!!!!
    Sunnie in NC

  2. Praying you have great news to share very, very soon!! Jennifer

  3. I'm hoping to find myself reading THE post the next time I check your blog!
    Sending warm thoughts your way as well as some hundreds of miles north from us to your future children (!).

  4. Still no news and new updates? I've been checking periodically today.