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Monday, October 18, 2010

Not gonna sleep tonight

My spirit is not going to be at rest much tonight. There are too many things going on in the world while I am supposed to be sleeping and other parts of the world are awake.

I always joke about the fact I do my best thinking in the shower. No, really, I'm THINKING or PRAYING! I think it's because that's the one place where most of the time nobody is bothering me, no dogs are bugging me to go outside, no puppies are whining, the phone is not ringing, and there are no emails (I refuse to bring any electronic devices into the bathroom unless I'm expecting an incredibly important phone call. Anything else can wait 20 minutes!)

The shower is where I get my best ideas. It's also where I'm able to hear God, probably because of the aforementioned uninterrupted 15 minutes. I don't know how many times I've said to Dean, or to one of my good friends, "This morning I was in the shower and I thought of something....." I'm pretty sure they all think I'm crazy already anyway, so I might as well give them another reason to confirm their suspicions, right?

Anyway, tonight I was in the shower and I started freaking out a little bit. There is so much to get done! Suddenly I saw these to-do lists in front of me: one for me and one for Dean. Mine was much longer than Deans, but his was long enough that I was all of a sudden irritated by the fact he went out of town this past weekend to "get away from things." While I was having a minor panic attack Dean made the mistake of walking into the bathroom. Poor guy! I came out of the shower dripping wet, rattling off these lists of things that needed to get done, the time frame in which they needed to get done and by whom. (Ten for me, two for him. Ten for me, two for him, and so on!)

Dean, smart man that he is, didn't say much of anything. He just stood by, watching me have my momentary anxiety attack, knowing full well it would pass and he could get back to the show he was watching. He did make one critical error. He told me, "Well, write it all down so you don't forget anything."

It suddenly became clear to me he has not been following this process AT ALL!!!! Tonight my not sleeping is going to mean I'm hanging out with the copy machine a lot, and that Dean is going to get an eye full of what has been "written down" for the past few weeks!

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