Join Angela, Axel, Abel and Asher as they welcome their new sibling home.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

So now what?

Just three weeks ago, we were finally given the go-ahead to send our family profile for Axel. It took some time for it to be translated, and make it's way through the channels. We knew that once we got word, there would not be a lot of time and that things were going to move quickly.

Yes, in fact, our homestudy was just completed two weeks ago, and was received my immigration two days ago.  We haven't been fingerprinted yet. As soon as that's done, and our immigration approval comes in, we're ready to travel! We are "penciled in" to our facilitator's schedule to arrive in country the first week of December but could go sooner if our approval comes sooner.

This makes my hyperventilate.

Why? We have 6 weeks to get things figured out and lots of families get far less.  Well, because we are approximately $5,000 short for this adoption. Because Axel is in foster care, it is slightly more expensive than we'd originally planned when we were planning for Ianna. (more about Ianna in a separate post!) 

We haven't yet decided if we're bringing Angela along. Originally when we were going to be getting Ianna, we were definitely bringing Angela because of where Ianna is located, but the logistics of where Axel is make it not only difficult, but more expensive to bring one more person along. But, leaving Angela behind means I have to figure out what I'm doing with her for a week. We have someone staying here with the dogs, but she doesn't know Angela. Dean is only coming along for the first week of the trip, then Axel and I will be coming home two weeks later. So if Angela stays behind I'll need someone willing to take her for one week. 

Oh, there is much planning to do in the next couple of weeks!!! Our dossier was sent off this afternoon, and I have to wire money for translation fees tomorrow, and other funds to send to various places tomorrow as well. A room to paint, bedding to buy, clothes for a boy who I wasn't paying attention to EXACTLY how big he was. 

Wow...lots to do!

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