Join Angela, Axel, Abel and Asher as they welcome their new sibling home.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

12 days and a shortage

Some of you may have noticed there is now a chip-in button on my left sidebar. We have come up with most of the funds to bring Axel home, and with your help the iPad give away raised $2700! We are just a few hundred dollars short!

I leave in just 12 days, and I hate to be on my blog begging for money. Our problem comes from the value of the US dollar. The currency exchange calculator on the right sidebar is very helpful, but it only gives the bank rate, and not the consumer rate. So while our Facilitation fee came out to $5500 US, that's what the bank gets it for, not we consumers. Our Facilitation fee ended up costing us $6500, and my lodging will be somewhere around $1500-$2000. The difference will be how may days I'm there, since that's an unknown, and where I stay in Axel's city, since I don't yet know where my facilitator made reservations. (I know the rate in one city, but don't know the other yet.) So between exchange rate issues, and the fact I'm loosing three weeks of income, there comes our shortage.

If my fellow bloggers would help me spread the word, I'd sure appreciate it! God has made sure we've had everything we needed, right down to the penny, exactly when we needed it, and I know He will this time too!


  1. No, I haven't sold any in quite some time! I think the last time I got an order was in July, and prior to that I think it was May. My website domain payment came due in October and Dean and I decided to let it go for now. I just wasn't going to spend that money if there aren't orders coming in. Those who did order frequently know how to get in touch with me if they want more pads.

  2. How neat that you leave in 12 days. We leave in 11 days. Hopefully we'll be able to meet up at some point! We'll be praying over your finances and for an uneventful trip.

    bringing home Matthew and Michael, (4)

  3. Trying to spread the word!!! Put a post up on our blog too. Praying it all comes together!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving! God be with you and help you in everyway! I hope you will meet Ianna there too, and soon you can bring her home also. The best will be if you can bring home both children, but God's timing is the best.
    I am looking into adoption too, but didn't find any blog - where single mother adopted special needs child. For couple month I am reading on one Russian site about one little girl who have Treacher collins syndrom. I would really like to meet some family in MN who have Special needs child with TCS. I pray and trust God.