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Friday, November 5, 2010

An Answer to Prayer

A couple days ago I posted about my school dilemma, and that was expected to show up to classes on January 7th. This development caused me more anxiety this week than you can even imagine! Not only financial, but logistical was just a lot more to think about!

And then I remembered that give it over to God thing. You know that part? Sometimes when I'm freaking out I forget that part! As our travel gets closer and closer I become less able to think. So when I turned it over, you know, it got taken care of!

This morning I was supposed to call my admissions counselor back and tell him what I was going to do. I said, "I guess I'll be registering for classes." and then on a whim I said, "Unless you have someone who has been accepted for Fall 2011 who would rather start this January? I know that's short notice for them, but I guess it can't hurt to throw that out there."

"Well, funny you should ask that." he said, "Someone just called me yesterday to see if anyone had by chance backed out. Knowing you'd rather start next fall, I checked with administration to see if they'd be ok letting the two of you change seats. They said given the circumstances they'd make an exception."

So, I am officially no longer worried about school! WHOO HOO!!! In the fall of 2011, when my kids are ready to start school, so too will I be ready to go back!

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