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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Where IS it???

On November 2nd, my adoption agency rep. emailed USCIS to find out if my approval was completed yet. On the 3rd she received a reply that my I-171h was mailed the day before. On the 4th I also received an email stating that I should be receiving it in the mail shortly.

Today is the 11th, and I still don't HAVE IT!!!! This is a serious problem.

And, of course, today is a federal holiday, so USCIS is closed. I will call first thing tomorrow morning, but there are only 8, count them EIGHT business days left after that for this to get straightened out before I leave.

No stress AT ALL!


  1. Hugs and Prayers.

    Be blessed

  2. When you call tomorrow ask that they fax or e-mail you a copy. As you don't need the original you can have the fax or e-mail notarized & apostilled. Good Luck! For peace of mind call them with a billable UPS or FedEx number and ask them to overnight you the original.


  3. Aw Leah, just another thing to add stress. I'm sorry.