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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Embassy Confirmed

I've been trying to get in touch with the US Embassy in (Axel's country) for the last couple of days without any luck. It's very frustrating to make an international call, be put on hold by the electronic menu that says they are indeed taking calls that day, only to eventually have a recording come on that says you're not calling during business hours. All while you have the world clock in front of you that says it absolutely IS the correct business hours! GAH!

Anyway, I finally left a message, but figured I wouldn't be able to do anything more until I was in country. Which, HELLO, is in just 10 days!!!!!!

Imagine my surprise this morning when the phone rang, and it was the Embassy calling! Although the guy who handles orphan visas has not received my paperwork, (just one guy, since there are only a few adoptions from this country each year)  he was able to locate my information on the National Visa Center database, and verify the approval. So that, combined with the original document that I'll be carrying with me, he said I'll have no problems. He thanked me for calling ahead, as there have been a few problems recently with all the pieces not getting where they're supposed to since the whole system was switched several weeks ago, and he looks forward to meeting me in a couple of weeks.

There! Done worrying about that!

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  1. I think we were one of the "problems"! Glad everything is there... can't wait to follow your journey. It's getting SO close!!!